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enterprise network infrastructure at Aspiria

During an office relocation or new business set-up, a fast, secure connection and reliable internet services are a must so you can begin serving your clients immediately. Aspiria Connect is here to make that process as seamless as possible.

Aspiria Connect is a flexible and full-service networking, communications, connectivity, and colocation solution designed to accelerate and streamline your company’s move in and setup. Take advantage of greatly reduced timelines and start-up costs to maintain compliant controls over all of your company’s networks while serving your talented workforce across campus.

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How it works

The fastest and easiest way to
build an enterprise network at Aspiria

Move in Faster

Skip the costly build-out time. Aspiria Connect delivers production-ready services on demand so your business can get working, faster.

Reduce Costs

Aspiria Wi-Fi eliminates hardware and IT build-out costs. Our selection of services will get your company up and running quickly while keeping you in control of your overhead.

Keep Control

Customize your business’ network stack in a fully-integrated enterprise network with secure access that keeps you running smoothly.

Stay Connected

Top talent expects a connection as reliable and as efficient as them. Aspiria Connect delivers cutting-edge connectivity expanding your discrete network across the Aspiria Campus.


Aspiria Connect Services

A customizable stack of network, connectivity, and communication services for Aspiria tenants.

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Supported By
  • 24/7 End User Support
  • Enterprise-grade security and infrastructure
  • Tri-homed high-availability internet
  • Redundant power access
  • International regulatory compliances
Aspiria Wi-Fi

Extend your network across Aspiria
No wifi equipment or buildout costs
Flexible end-user directory access
Tri-homed high availability Internet
Redundant power
Enterprise-grade security and infrastructure
Congruent with international regulatory compliances

Network & Internet

Robust diverse fiber pathways
Switch and Port Management
VPN capable
Disaster recovery
Cloud+Local server backup services
Public/Private/Static IP addressing
Centralized IT trouble tickets

Tri-homed high availability Internet
Mulitple ISP’s at Aspiria
Multiple points of presence
100Mbps to 10Gbps speeds
Bring your own internet options

Unified Communications

Voice (VIOP, Cloud PBX)
Mobile VOIP
Virtual Auto Attendants
Number portability


Secure Private Server Cage
Lockable half, single, or full rack units
Redundant power feeds
UPS backup
Supplemental cooling systems
Raised floor
Key card controlled access

Use case

Aspiria Connect Powers Tenant Transitions


During this company’s relocation to Aspiria in Overland Park, their business needed a full suite of technology services including fast, secure, and reliable internet connections (including multiple public IP addresses) to set up operations and quickly serve their clients. If they were to go the traditional route of ordering the services from the typical carriers, they would not be able to be operational for at least 90 days.


With Aspiria Connect’s existing technology platform, the company was able to meet their corporate objective by providing internet connectivity with multiple dedicated public IPs within just three weeks so they could begin serving their clients immediately. By choosing Aspiria Connect, the company was able to save valuable time and money.

  • Aspiria Wi-Fi
  • Network and Internet Services

Aspiria Connect delivers enterprise network services through expansive, on-site services including Wi-Fi, data center colocation space, unified VOIP communications, network management and internet services. As a company recently relocated to Overland Park and Aspiria, they determined that Aspiria Connect was the perfect solution to meet their corporate objectives of being open for business in days, not months.

“Businesses today require a fast, secure connection and reliable internet services to grow and succeed. At Aspiria, we deliver quick and seamless transitions for incoming tenants with Aspiria Connect.”

Bill Douglas, CEO at OpticWise

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Accelerate and streamline your company’s move in and set up with Aspiria Connect’s customizable stack of network, connectivity, and communication services for Aspiria tenants.

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