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Beautiful green spaces, walking-biking paths, peaceful water features around campus … these features give employees working on campus the opportunity to take a break and recharge and reenergize. These features are also just part of our efforts to create a sustainable campus that contributes to a smaller carbon footprint.

Lighting upgrades, the optimization of our chiller operation, an upgrade of the air handling system, and a renewable energy partnership with our local utility reduced campus-wide energy consumption by 13.5 million kWh and drove over $1.5 million in annual energy cost savings*.

Achieving Net Zero

Through a partnership with Evergy’s Renewable Energy Program, we are proud to say that the Aspiria campus has achieved net-zero energy consumption. The campus transitioned to 100% renewable energy in 2021. The energy generated from wind farms in Kansas and Oklahoma powers the Aspiria campus. We are a 20-megawatt producer of electricity from wind farms, producing more electricity from wind than we consume here on campus.

Repurposing for a Better Campus

The three lakes on the Aspiria campus are not just for water detention; the water is reclaimed and reused for all the irrigation on campus – which averages 30,000,000 gallons per year.

Making Brighter Spaces

Upgrades to the lighting in the campus parking garages and parkways to high-performing, energy-efficient LED technology have improved the quality of lighting in those areas as well as reduced energy consumption.

These lighting upgrades (made between 2019-2022) reduced energy consumption on campus by more than 30,000,000 kWh per year. In addition to elevating foot-candle levels and creating far brighter, cleaner, more uniform, and more inviting garage spaces, these lighting upgrades have also helped to save on labor costs.

We also replaced lighting inside of our buildings as we complete tenant build-outs, replacing lighting with SYLVANIA linear LED lamps wherever we’re not installing new lighting fixtures.

“The results in terms of aesthetics and energy savings speak for themselves,” said Clark Kessler, Major Account Representative with LEDVANCE, the electrical distributor Aspiria has partnered with on these upgrades.

Monitoring to Maximize Efficiencies

The Aspiria campus has over 5,100 pieces of equipment to keep things running around campus in terms of utilities, water, and security. With that much equipment, it’s not conceivable to monitor all the data points in real-time simply with staff alone. So, we partnered with Schneider Electric to implement new technology and equipment to increase the automation of campus systems. These changes have resulted in energy and labor cost savings, which have benefited our staff as well as our campus tenants – they’re seeing lower utility bills.

Schneider Electric and C&C Group implemented EcoStruxure platform solutions: EcoStruxure Building Operation, EcoStruxure Building Advisor, and EcoStruxure Power Monitoring Expert. Modernizing these systems resulted in a 16% reduction in annual energy consumption, and a $1.5 million annual energy cost savings, and contributed to a 36% reduction in carbon footprint.

“It’s been said that you can’t manage what you don’t measure, and we believe that 100% here at Aspiria,” said Gary Schlotzhauer, Aspiria Campus Director of Engineering. “With EcoStruxure Building Advisor, we’re able to see problems and situations that arise before tenants ever know there’s a problem in their space.”

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What do we do today ... Is it good for tomorrow? We actually produce more wind than we consume here on the campus, making us net zero in our electric consumption.”

Gary ObornyChairman & CEO, Occidental Management