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Occidental Management announced today, the launch of its new, custom-designed app for Aspiria, its flagship commercial property in Overland Park. The mobile application delivers on Aspiria’s mission to provide a connected and welcoming workplace of the future for top talent employees at leading companies from across the country.

The initial launch of the app features critical tools to make the 207-acre destination easy to navigateThe app includes user-friendly, lowtouch wayfinding to navigate the sprawling campus, user accounts designed to personalize the on-campus experience, and a back-end infrastructure to service future features, including realtime communication from the Aspiria management team about everything from pop-up retailers to food trucks on campus. 

The Aspiria app elevates the already impressive, amenity-rich corporate campus,” said Occidental Management President Chad Stafford. “This is our next leap forward to making Aspiria a truly unique mixed-use location, not only in the Midwest, but across the country.”

Stafford says that the app is only a piece of what makes Aspiria such a unique property. “The vision of Aspiria is so much bigger than the first launch of this app. We are just scratching the surface of what we plan to bring to the campus,” Stafford said.

Future plans for the app aim to connect all those who live, work or play with every aspect of Aspiria. Whether someone is sitting at their desk searching ordering a quick lunch to be delivered, planning their next company event in one of fully equipped conference rooms, signing up for an exercise class at the Aspiria Fitness Center, or connecting with colleagues across the nearly four million square foot property, the Aspiria App will be the central source of information and connection on the campus.

“There is no limit to where this app can go,” Stafford said. “We are laser-focused on delivering services and amenities to connect and benefit the tenants and their top-talent employees at Aspiria. We will continue to build upon the features in this initial launch in the future.”

Aspiria has gone through tremendous changes over the past three years. From the acquisition of the former Sprint World Headquarters in 2019to updating the existing buildings and new mixed-use development plans, and the addition of Aspiria latest tenants like Yellow Corp.TTEC Holdings, CreativeOne, and TreviPayOccidental Management has kick-started Aspiria as a live, work, play destination in the Midwest.  

Aspiria General Manager Jeannette Vahle says the addition of the app will bring new lines of communication to tenants and their employees at Aspiria. 

“This app gives us a new opportunity to engage with everyone at Aspiria,” Vahle said. “From a heads up about new restaurants opening on campus to the latest event at the Aspiria Fitness Center, or simple directions around campus, our management team is excited to see how the new app informs users about all the amenities at Aspiria.”

The Occidental Management team used a local technology agency to bring the groundbreaking app to life. 

We’re proud to partner with Crema, a Kansas City local digital product agency,” said Chelsea Burns, Occidental Management’s marketing director. “The expertise the Crema team brought to this project was second to none. They’ve helped us deliver a first-rate product for the benefit of the employees at Aspiria.”

Download the app on the Apple Store or Google Play today.

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About Aspiria
Aspiria is an innovative hub that empowers premier businesses to promote a holistic approach to nurturing a talented workforce and a place the community gathers to relax, explore, and celebrate. This expansive, world-class campus and future development is more than just a place to go to work or grab a meal. It is a destination, a community gathering place and an unprecedented pillar of professional growth and technology in the Midwest. Learn more about Aspiria at